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Expert Car Tint Services Huntsville, AL At Washlab Auto Spa

Looking for professional car tint services in Huntsville, AL to protect your glass for added protection from heat and light?

Washlab Auto Spa is the best option for expert window tinting services in Alabama! 

We offer competitive rates, professional customer support, and a family-friendly environment so you can wait in comfort. 

Here’s why customers love us for window tinting services! 

Superior Window Films That Last

Experience top-notch window tinting with Washlab’s high-quality, durable window films. We expertly apply automotive window tinting to withstand the harsh heat in North Alabama.

Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Our premium car tint effectively blocks harmful UV rays. This shields your car’s interior from potential sun damage. Say goodbye to fading leather! 

Say Goodbye to Annoying Glare

Forget about that distracting and uncomfortable glare from the sun. Our specialized window tints offer clear, uncompromised views for personal and commercial vehicles. 

Window Tinting Experts at Your Service

When considering window tint in Huntsville, AL rely on the unmatched expertise and dedication of the Washlab Auto Spa team. We go the extra mile to provide value for money and professional customer service. 

Enhance Your Car’s Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond functionality, our tailored car tint can give your car a brand-new look! Not to mention, our window films will preserve your glass for longer and add an extra layer of protection. 

Enjoy Privacy and Security

Washlab’s carefully selected car tint doesn’t just offer UV protection; it also provides enhanced privacy. You’ll feel secure and at ease whenever you hit the road.

Why Choose Washlab Auto Spa for Window Tint Services, Huntsville, AL

Our Classic Window Tinting Services

When it comes to reliable car tint services in Huntsville, Washlab Auto Spa’s classic window tinting stands out as a preferred choice for many. 

Offering an economical alternative to ceramic tinting, our classic window film provides basic protection and a sleek finish for every car window. It’s a great entry-level option that still offers loads of benefits for your ride.

If you need a combination of aesthetics and function without breaking the bank, this is the tint for you.

Features of Washlab’s Classic Window Tinting:

Our Ceramic Window Tinting Services

Experience the pinnacle of automotive window tinting with Washlab Auto Spa’s expert and affordable services in Huntsville, AL.

While it’s a step up in price compared to classic dyed tint, the investment is justified by its superior protection and advanced features. 

For those who won’t settle for anything less than the best, our ceramic tinting offers the ultimate durability for your windows.

Not only does it block harmful UV rays with increased efficacy, but it also actively contributes to reducing energy costs by retaining your car’s internal temperature.

Features of Ceramic Window Tinting:

How We Apply Tinting to Your Car Window in Huntsville, Alabama

At Washlab Auto Spa, we apply window tinting services in three simple steps! Let’s check them out! 

Hear From Our Customers

Amazing facility and friendly staff, car was in and out within 25 minutes and it looks absolutely fantastic


22' BMW M8

This isn't your standard carwash facility. Looks like a showroom dealership. They recently switched the wash chemicals, and the car shines like new. Great staff. Fast in and out. Super fun environment.

Sarah M

20' Jaguar F Type

I got the exterior wash, and this is the best my truck has ever looked. My truck looks better than when I bought it. Highly recommend

Kolby Ramsy

18' Chevy Silverado

Impeccable service! Staff is friendly and the waiting area is relaxing. If you have used their services, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t used their service…you and your vehicle are missing out!

Ramon Coote

15' BMW 330ci

Get Competitive Prices for Car Tint Services, Huntsville, AL At Washlab Auto Spa

When it comes to car window tint in Huntsville, AL, Washlab Auto Spa stands out not just for the expertise, but also for the unbeatable prices. 

Our family-friendly atmosphere, combined with a range of window film options, ensures that every vehicle – from daily drivers to luxury cars – is well taken care of. 

As window tinting experts in Huntsville, Alabama, we’re proud to offer not only top-tier services but also expert advice on related offerings like car audio, and auto detailing.

Check out our prices for classic and ceramic car film services in Huntsville, Alabama!

2 Side Roll Up

$ 249.99


$ 389.99


$ 409.99


$ 439.99

And hey, when you pay us a visit, why not check out our car audio services or give your vehicle a sparkling exterior car wash

2 Side Roll Up

$ 139.99


$ 189.99


$ 209.99


$ 229.99

How to Find Us?

Need expert car window tinting in Huntsville, AL? Click on our location below and pay us a visit! 

6555 University Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35806, United States

Get Expert Window Film in Huntsville, Alabama Now!

Choose Washlab Auto Spa for top-quality window tint, Huntsville, AL. With classic and ceramic options, we will have your vehicle rocking superior window film in no time!

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Mon-Fri: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Most car window tints last between 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the tint and exposure to elements. Regular maintenance can prolong its lifespan, so be sure to pay us another visit when the time comes. 

Use a soft cloth or sponge with a non-ammonia-based cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools, as they can damage the tint. Alternatively, bring your car in and let our expert car washes keep it pristine!

Yes, we can remove or replace the tint on your windows. While you may be tempted to do this yourself, it’s best to rely on Washlab Auto Spa experts to avoid damaging your glass. 

Absolutely! Our window tints are designed to block harmful UV rays, protecting the car’s interior and its occupants.

No, window tinting doesn’t impact car audio quality. However, if you’re interested in enhancing your car audio in Huntsville, Alabama, we can guide you through some great options.

Window tinting is legal in Alabama, but there are regulations regarding the darkness and reflection of the tint. It’s essential to ensure your tint complies with Alabama’s laws.

Yes, window tints effectively reduce the amount of heat entering the vehicle by reflecting and absorbing a significant portion of sunlight.

Our high-quality tinting services for windows are designed to balance protection from light and heat. However, we ensure visibility is not heavily compromised, even at night.

Definitely! By blocking harmful UV rays and reducing heat, our window tints protect your car’s interior from fading and wear.