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We firmly believe in Customer Satisfaction

Washlab has been built from the ground up with our customers’ needs in mind. Our company has found the success it has today thanks to the support of our customers, our high-quality products, and our stellar reputation for excellence. We take your trust seriously and strive to always provide an exceptional car care experience paired with the best customer service available. Every customer regardless of their budget is important, and we treat ALL our customers like our own family.

The Washlab Story

Washlab was created by a group of individuals who set out to revolutionize the way you wash your ride. These days there is a car wash nearly on every single corner. Which all do & offer the same exact thing. We wanted to turn this industry upside down and introduce what we think washing your vehicle should look like in 2023. 

For us It goes so much deeper than just the actual wash. Our customer experience was at the forefront of our minds when building WashLab. Not only did we want to battle some of the negative opinions on automatic wash tunnels but we wanted to create an environment never before seen in this industry. 

We have invested over several million dollars and worked with the top engineers & designers in the world to create a truly safe & next level wash system for you with an atmosphere that is unmatched in this industry.

Washlab Mission

In order to offer clients the best car care and restoration services on the market, we devoted our time to looking for the best products and dedicated vehicle enthusiasts available. We also invested our time and energy into learning about the most effective methods of detailing, cleaning, and caring for a wide range of makes and models of vehicles. This allows us to do more than just offer good service, it gives us the ability to offer truly premium car care services that our customers will appreciate.

We ensure all of our detailing specialists are properly vetted and trained before they ever touch a customer’s vehicle. For specialty services such as PPF Film application and ceramic coating applications, they will also have to get certified. Each of the products used in our detailing services has been checked for authenticity and quality. So when you bring your car in for a cleaning or detailing, you can be confident that everything used is the very best. Our goal is to offer our customers the ability to receive detailing and car wash services that are truly exceptional. Also at a price that is a fraction of what is offered in larger competing locations.

Our company name is more than just a symbol of our brand. It is a representation of what we believe in. When you bring in your vehicle for a hand wash, Clear Bra application, detailing, or any other service, we won’t miss a single spot.

Quality Matters At Washlab

You can train your staff to provide professional services and expert detailing, but the quality of the products used is equally important. As we have grown our business, we discovered that many car care centers are charging premium prices for subpar car care products. Instead of cutting corners like many of our competitors, we made a promise to ourselves and our customers to only offer the best products available or not offer them at all.

There are so many middlemen between the commercial-grade car care items and the customer. This often results in less than pure products with little to no benefits. Aside from inferior products, the markup for many non-branded car care products is 75% or higher. We wanted everyone to experience the benefits of high-quality and banded car care products that are undiluted. Considering that car owners will spend as much as a third of their life in their car, it is important that your vehicle offers a comfortable and clean environment.

Our Commitment To Excellence

Washlab is committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We ensure that each and every service is performed with extraordinary dedication and a serious attention to detail. Our mission here at Washlab is to offer the best service possible at affordable rates. By listening to the wants and needs of our Huntsville and Madison customers, we have developed a system that has helped us grow at an amazing rate.

Washlab also recognizes the environmental importance and health benefits of using better products formulated for car care. This is one of the main reasons all of our premium car care products and home decor products are formulated to be safe for the environment and safe for our customers.

Affordable Prices, Quality Service

We have a diverse range of packages to meet just about every need and every budget you can think of. We also have per service options for those who prefer to create a customized solution that meets their needs or for those who are looking to manage their car care cost. No matter how much or how little you want to spend, our detail teams will give your vehicle the attention it deserves. In addition to our basic services, we will also let you know if we feel there are repairs or other services that may benefit you. Of course, there is never any obligation to purchase our package suggestions, but as a company made up of car lovers, we are always happy to keep an eye out for the best interest of our customers.

If you are looking for a locally owned and operated company that shares your values, Washlab is just what that is about. We care for our customers, the environment, our employees, and of course, your vehicle. For more information about our products, services, or any current specials, give us a call at our number below. We look forward to seeing you in our Huntsville and Madison shop soon!



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